Monday, December 17, 2007

Why can't Christmas be in the summer?

Guess what? I don't like snow. With the exception of the first snow of the season, the sight of snow stresses me out. Snow equates to messes, cold, probable falling and way too much time spent indoors. When complaining of this to Patrick last week, he reminded me that we live in the Rocky Mountains so I should get used to it. I've tried getting used to snow but my childhood snow expectations and my adult snow realizations just don't match up. Snow should come, stay for a day, then politely leave. That what it did in the grand state of Washington. Life halted to greet the snow.

So my snow grumpies are getting in the way of my peaceful week. Well, my week was supposed to be peaceful until my dearly beloved jetted off to the swanky warm town of LA for an entire week, leaving me to wrap, bake, CANCEL THE HOTEL RESERVATIONS FOR OUR FIRST NIGHT OUT SINCE HAVING CHILDREN, and prep for familial arrivals. I guess the snow it just adding to my unpleasantness.

Thank goodness my in-laws arrive in 2.5 days to rescue me. And thank goodness none of my neighbors will be receiving the hot fudge sauce I'm making them until July.


Angie said...

I'll gladly switch you states...I hate never getting good snow.

You're not stressed are you...I got a very soft hint that you were...maybe I just read between the caps a bit ;)

Kathryn said...

Liz. I am with you on the snow thing! hope you have a wonderful Christmas, email me your new address and I'd love to send you a card!