Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekly Plans: reason for the season

Afton and Abel are fully aware of the general jolliness that Christmas brings. This week I wanted to focus our learning and activities on the Savior, for my own benefit as well as theirs.

We began by watching Mr. Krueger's' Christmas for family night. During the part where Mr. Krueger is talking to the Baby Jesus, Afton and I were crying and she said "this Baby Jesus part is making me upset!" We talked for a minute about how the Spirit whispers to out hearts during special moments like these and it's good to feel happy sadness.

We will be playing with our new Little People Nativity and learning more about the story of Jesus' birth.

The Friend has great stories and activities this month to bring Christ into your Christmas. I especially like the poem (we learn a poem each week that relates to our theme)

Christmas is coming.
It soon will be here.
News of Christ’s birthday
Has filled us with cheer.
With joy we are singing—
Our songs fill the air.
Soft sounds are ringing
From chimes everywhere.
We are all happy
That Christmas is near.
Jesus is born, and we’re
Glad He is here!

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